Mara G. Haseltine


Mara G. Haseltine is an internationally renowned artist known for her sculptural renditions of microscopic life forms. She was an early pioneer in the translation of bioinformatics into three-dimensional forms. She is an ardent environmentalist and co-founder of The Green Salon, an international think tank devoted to environmental solutions. In 2007, Haseltine created New York City’s first solar-powered oyster reef. She has since devoted her attention to exploring the most efficient and beautiful designs to create oyster and coral reefs. These reefs filter water, create habitats for other organisms, and form reef breaks along coast lines. In 2011, Haseltine was an artist-in-residence at University College of Dublin in Ireland and Tara Oceans. She was awarded Flag 75 from the Explorer’s Club for her three-year voyage around the world studying the ocean’s relationship to climate change. Her current body of work combines microscopy and reef design of microscopic oceanic life forms. Haseltine frequently collaborates with scientists, technologists and engineers to practice Geotherapy–art which heals the planet. She is an artist-in-residence for Imagine Science Films for the years 2012-2013.

Haseltine received her undergraduate degree in Studio Art and Art History from Oberlin College and her master’s degree from the San Francisco Art Institute with a double degree in New Genres and Sculpture. She has exhibited and worked throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago in the Port of Spain, Trinidad. She has taught at The New School in NYC, and she is a member of both the Sculptors Guild of NYC as well as the Explorer’s Club. She works out of Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been published in The Times, Le Metro, The Guardian, and Architectural Record etc…

Artist’s Statement: From the Nano to the Geo
We are supremely lucky as water-based life forms to be blessed with the consciousness to enjoy the beauty of our planet. Because we live in an age in which we are beginning to explore advanced technologies, we are able to simultaneously look within ourselves and to the outermost reaches of the cosmos. I explore this unique relationship in my work.

Geotherapy is a practice that embraces the future by addressing the link between cultural and biological evolution. The concept of ‘Geotherapy’ acknowledges that we are at the dawn of the Anthropocene age, where human generated pollution threatens the habitability of the biosphere.

By using the principles of Geotherapy, my work encompasses the cross-section between art, technology, and social change. Many of the sculptures translate microscopic and scientific data into large-scale figurative forms. The viewer, upon engaging with the art, takes part in how life functions beyond the lens of what the human eye can perceive. In many cases, the work depicts the human impact on this delicate microscopic world. I produce two bodies of work both which addresses “Geotherapy” on a material level; one which and sequesters toxins like plastic and uranium infused glass, which is meant for museums and galleries as awareness pieces; and the other body of work is meant to be restorative and be reabsorbed by our planet and is not only biodegradable but actively heals the planet. My most current projects combine living aquatic structures with sustainable environmental technology. The sculptures function as habitat, coastline protection, and bio-remediation filters. The final intention of my work is to create awareness of the beneficial impact of Geotherapy on our planet.


  • “La Boheme: A Portrait of Our Oceans in Peril,” agnès b. gallery , 50 Howard St, NY, NY March 9th-20th 2013 The Opening night included a live opera performance! 2013
  • “La Boheme: A Portrait of Our Oceans in Peril,” February 2012 Explorers Club -One night preformance and Unveiling 2012
  • Science and Innovation Week, “Selected Works” Mexico City, Mexico October 2009
    Aaronson Gallery and Project Space: “The Ultimate Urban Oyster Reef”, in conjunction with Lang and Parson Students May 2009
  • The New School & Harlem river Urban Ecology Center, The Meandering Oyster Midden, January & February 2009
  • SkyBridge at The New School for Social Research, Excerpts from ‘GAIA’S DREAM’ upcoming April 2008 NY, NY
  • The Museum of Medicine and History, “Estrogen Tales: The Untold Story of Nine Molecules and How They Bonded…” Washington, DC, October 2007-March 2008
  • Deutches Museum, “Selected Flat Work” Munich, Germany, 2007
  • The Magic Theatre/ Arthur P. Sloan Foundation, “Art Science and Creative Thinking,” San Francisco, CA, 2009
  • Aquatic Creations, Brooklyn, NY, 2004
  • DC Convention Center, Bio Expo. “Waltz of the Polypeptides” Washington, DC, 2003
  • Muckenthaler Cultural Center, “Waltz of the Polypeptides” Fullerton CA, 2003


  • Galeria Virgílio presents ‘Apresentando': September 3 – October 4 Galeria Virgilio at São Paulo Brazil curated by Simon Watson 2014
  • Fabrica Vitae, curated by BIOMAB, AEIMS, artem-medicalis, artist, a traveling exhibition Zankythos Greece Sept 4th-8th, Karger Publishing Basel, Museum of Ghent Belgium June 12th- Sept 18th 2015, Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité Germany. The Stradins Museum, Riga, Russia 2016
  • Geek Down Presents: New Biologies: 92nd St Y, NY, NY September 15- October 25th, 2012
  • Earth Consciousness Solstice December 22nd, , curated by Japanese Artist Mariko Mori the Faou Foundation theme future projects for Miyako Island, in the Okinawa prefecture in Japan.
  • “Art Researches Science” with VILLANELLA, BIOMAB (biological and medical art Belgium), Antwerp Belgium, October 2010
  • EnviorMedia Mobile, NYC, September 2009-Current
  • Encounters, Governor’s Island NYC, May-October 2010
  • Current; Garrison Art Center, Garrison NY- 2010
  • Figurative Lines, Governor’s Island NYC, May-October 2009
  • Waterpod, July NYC 2009
  • “Confronting Mortality with Art and Science” Oct 2007 Antwerp, Belgium.
  • New York Hall of Science, Queens NY, (permanent exhibition) 2005
  • Touch and Temperature, Bitforms Gallery, New York, NY also at Deborah Colton, Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2004
  • Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton CA, 2003
  • Magnifiqué, Brooklyn, NY, 2002
  • CAVE, Brooklyn, NY, 2000
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  • “Way Cool” Exit Art, New York, NY, 1995
  • “Gen X”, Christina Rose Gallery, New York, NY, 1996