Jorge Pineda


Jorge Pineda is born in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Painter, installation artist, lives and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Madrid, Spain. Studied 4 years of architecture in the Universidad Autónoma of Santo Domingo. Worked in graphic design, standing out in the creation and design of signs and posters, wining several national and international awards. By the end of the 80s he moves to Paris where he studies lithographs at Atelier Bordas. In 2005 he is invited by the Institut Réginonal D’Art Visuel de Fort de France in Martinique, to teach a workshop seminary about the processes of making an installation. At the end of 2008 he is invited by Cátedra Juan Gris of the Complutense University of Madrid, developing the project he called The Practices of the Utopias. In 2010 he was judge of the XXVIII art contest Eduardo León Jiménes in Dominican Republic. In February 2013 has the individual exhibition After all tomorrow is another day, at the IVAM (Valencia’s Institute of Modern Art) and in the same year participates in the Panama Biennial and in the Martinique Biennial (BIAC); in September 2012 has his 14th individual exhibit Shadows and Other Fairy Tales at Hunter College East Harlem Art Gallery in New York City, curated by Mariluz Hoyos. He has been in the Cuenca Biennial in 2011, curated by Fernando Castro, and the Habana Biennial with the group Quintapata, under the curatorship of José Manuel Noceda. In the same year he participated in the exhibit curated by Nancy Hoffman: Who’s more sci-fic than us? In Ammersfoort, Holanda and in Caribbean Crossroads of the world in New York at the Queens Museum. His work centers in the fragility of the child and the innocence that survives in the adult, as Aracelis Corbo writes in the II Volume of the MUSAC collection. His work has been shown in Madrid, Paris and New York, at the Brooklyn Museum, in the exhibit Infinite Island curated by Tumelo Mosaka. In Miami and in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the Global Caribbean. He exhibited at the 52 Venice Biennial and the XXIII Bienal de Artes Visuales de Santo Domingo where he got the first prize for installations. He has also exhibited at the Pontevedra Biennial, in Pontevedra, Spain and in the exhibit Modelos para Armar curated by María Inés Ramírez, Octavio Zayas and Agustín Pérez Rubio at the MUSAC in León, Spain. His pieces are part of the following collections: MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León), IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art), Patricia Phells de Cisneros Collection, DA2 (Museum of Contemporary Art of Salamanca), Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, Centro León in Santiago, Dominican Republic. And other private and public collections.

Artist Statement:
“It may be that Jorge Pineda is simply underscoring the function of the veil, warning us that the enigma is superficial, and that, as in the Japanese packets that fascinated Roland Barthes, the decisive thing is the luxury of the exterior appearance, no matter what the interior. Jorge Pineda delivers us the pleasure of the epidermal, and leads us, elliptically, to understand that the contemporary subject (permanently connected as part of mechanical avatars) is one more card or chip in the general exchange of bits and is inevitably un-centered. Pineda knows that the fundamental fantasy must remain inaccessible because if the subject comes too close, that obsessive nucleus loses consistency. This need for repression separates him from a spontaneous ingenuousness. The unconscious is an inaccessible phenomenon in the most radical sense, not as an objective mechanism regulating my experience of the phenomenon. What Jorge Pineda does is open up the possibility of mining the control exercised over us by fantasy through the path of an over- identification with it, in other words, by simultaneously embracing, in the same space, all the multiplicity of apparition- like elements; in a certain measure he projects or reflects (once again the specular matrix) the constitutional lacking of the subject which is, simultaneously, an excessive presence of the “impossible.” The Real, in the psychoanalytical sense, in no “true reality” behind the virtual simulation, but rather emptiness itself which makes reality incomplete/ inconsistent, and the function of every symbolic matrix consists of hiding this inconsistency; one of the ways to achieve this hiding is precisely to pretend that behind the incomplete/inconstant reality we know, there is another reality not structured around an impossibility. It ́s not the moment of the disappearance of the veils or of the lifting of the theater curtain, but rather that of the acceptance of the screen. Jorge Pineda understands reality as permanent interpretation, in other words, as a mask behind which there is no definitive face but rather a game of successive maskings.

2014 La Práctica de la Utopía, Fondation Clément, Martinique. Curator: Sophie D’ingianni.
After all tomorrow is another day, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Mambrú, Maison de l’UNESCO, Salle Miró. Paris, France.
2013 After all tomorrow is another day, Valencian Institute of Modern Art, Valencia, Spain.
2012 Shadows and Other Fary Tales. Hunter college. Curator: Mariluz Hoyos.
2008 ¡Qué viene caperucita!. Raquel Ponce Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
Entropía, District & Co. Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2007 Niñas Locas, Espacio Liquido Gallery. Gijón. Spain.
2006 Frágil. Raquel Ponce Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
2004 Trampas. Confluences Gallery, Lyon, France.
Varelli, contemporary art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2002 Postales desde el Paraíso. Casa de América. Madrid, Spain.
2001 Curador Curado. Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2000 Marcas. Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2014 The real marvelluos, Contemporary Spanish and latin american art from Musac Collections.
Bienal de La Habana, La Habana, Cuba.
2013 XXVII Bienal de artes Visuales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Invited artist.
Una oportunidad de escape, Musac. Castellón, Spain.
ADN, 55 Bienal del venecia , Venecia, Italy.
Bienal de Martinica, BIAC.
Bienal de Panamá
Exposición Castellón
2012 COLAPSO, Rehearsal of a failure. Sala de Exposiciones, Hospedería Fonseca (Salamanca) Spain. Comisarios: Alberto Marín y Agustín Pérez Rubio
Bienal de la Habana, Con el grupo QUINTAPATA. Curated by José Manuel Noceda. La Habana, Cuba.
Who more sci-fi than us?, contemporary art from the Caribbean. Curated by Nancy Hoffman. Amersfoort, The Netherlands
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Crisis… América Latina, arte y confrontación
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2006 Premio Instalación XXI Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes.
2005 Artist Residency in Paris, given by the French government.
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