Isabel Cisneros


As an artist, I dedicate my attention observing and creating my work based upon my personal interest in insects and natural life. All kind of “bugs” are my primary source of inspiration. For the last twelve years I’ve been experimenting with a variety of forms, colors and textures that are totally originated from nature, and visible to the human eye at a reduced scale. My art recovers such visual and tactile information that is almost hidden. I try to speak from the poetic side of survival and endurance in life, interconnection, adaptability and accumulation -represented by the flexibility of my forms- a characteristic within insects. I work under the principle of making more possible with the least possible. My interest is to show flexible material, and I found the way to do it by knitting hundreds of small pieces, where the oppositions of rigidness/opacity and flexibility/translucent come together. I work with small handmade-serialized-unglazed ceramic pieces, scales ands seeds, industrial modules such as buttons, nuts, tubes or hoses and fabric. As a result, my works are like textiles or carpets. Since they are movable, I can display them in very different ways. One of the most remarkable characteristics of my pieces is that the spectator can handle them freely to get infinite forms. Tie knot, warp and pattern are the foundations of my language. I think my creations came out as a revision of the craft works, such as sewing, knitting, embroidery or weaving, because the idea of craft as a very meticulous way of working is very important for me, as a tribute to women’s activity in mankind. Even though the starting point of the pieces is mathematical, geometrical and abstract, the final result is like tile roofs, scales or textured skins. I think the handmade process of being beaded, and the weight inherent to the material -mostly clay- recalls living beings. Isabel Cisneros was initiated in the world of clay as a traditional potter and previously produced functional ware. Because of her restless and eager enthusiasm she later moved towards using clay and mix media to make more conceptual sculptural pieces. Her work has been in a constant process of evolution due to her curiosity and need for experimentation. She has found elements in everyday life and in nature which have contributed to the creation of her flexible sculptures and is greatly influenced by their texture and movement. With the purpose of “creating the most with the least possible resources” she makes almost identical modules in unglazed clay which are threaded to form a woven piece of art. Cisneros’ recent work consists of weaving and stringing small pieces of clay and mixed media to create unique sculptures which can be arranged in different formats thus allowing the viewers their own interpretations of the compositions. This Venezuelan artist’s sensitivity to combine natural and artificial elements result in amazing and endless possibilities.

Solo Exhibitions:
1989 Entornos de la Fiesta. Mendoza Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 Maracapana. Art Nouveau Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela.
2005 Hiladillas. Mendoza Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela.
2007 Acumulaciones. Visual Dialogues between Vicente Antonorsi and Isabel Cisneros. TAC Exhibit Room, Caracas, Venezuela.
2007 nu-dos. Forum Gallery, Lima, Perú.
2008 Flexible Sculpture. Mawson Gallery, Canberra, Australia.
2009 Embebidas. Faría+Fábregas Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
2011 Lampade. Secadero 1, Caracas, Venezuela (
2011 [in] material [trans] material. Mendoza Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela
2013 Ablandando hasta el agua. Galería D’Museo, Caracas, Venezuela.

Group Exhibitions:
1997 Intercambio 3: Small Format Ceramics: México-Puerto Rico-Venezuela. Alfa Cultural Center, Monterrey, México.
1998 Intercambio 3: Small Format Ceramics: México-Puerto Rico-Venezuela. Jacobo Borges Museum, Caracas, Venezuela
XXV to XXXVII Applied Arts National Contest. Braulio Salazar University Gallery, Valencia, Venezuela
2001 Intercambio 3: Small Format Ceramics: México-Puerto Rico-Venezuela. Puerto Rico Contemporary Art Museum, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
LX, LXI and LXV Arturo Michelena National Visual Arts Contest. Valencia Art Center, Valencia, Venezuela
IXXX and XXX National Visual Arts Contest in Aragua. Mario Abreu Contemporary Art Museum, Maracay, Venezuela
VIII and X Francisco Narváez National Sculpture Biennial. Francisco Narváez Contemporary Art Museum, Porlamar, Venezuela.
2005 3rd World Ceramic Biennale. Icheon, Yeoju y Gwangju, Korea.
2006 Ágora de Fuego, Contemporary Ceramics from Venezuela & Colombia. Luis Ángel Arango Library, Bogotá, Colombia
Autonomía y desplazamiento, Contemporary Ceramics in Mercantil Bank’s Collection. Itinerant Exhibition across Venezuela
2009 Miguel Otero Silva First Biennial. Ascaso Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
2009 Maracaibo’s Fifth Art Biennial. Zulia’s Contemporary Art Museum, Maracaibo, Venezuela
2013 International Invitational Competition. Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, Korea.
2013 Invited to the International Prize of GICB 2013 (International Invitational Competition), 7th World Ceramic Biennale. Icheon, Yeoju y Gwangju, Korea.
1998 Award of Encouragement. XI Cloisonnée Jewelry Contest.
2002 Second Prize- Andrés Perez Mujica Award, LX Arturo Michelena National Visual Arts Exhibition.
2003 Fourth Prize- City of Valencia Award. XXX Applied Arts National Exhibition.
2004 Third Prize- City of Valencia Award. XXX Applied Arts National Exhibition.
2005 Honorary Mention. VIII Francisco Narváez National Sculpture Biennial.
2006 Fourth Prize- City of Valencia Award. XXXIII Applied Arts National Exhibition.
2008 Second Price- Carabobo’s Ceramic Award. XXXV Applied Arts National Exhibition.
2009 First Price- XXXVI National Applied Arts Award. XXXVI Applied Arts National Exhibition.
2009 First Price- National Sculpture Award. X Francisco Narváez National Sculpture Biennial.