Adriana Marmorek


Studied Social Communication and worked in advertising and television fields, where later resumed to rethink elements and concepts from artistic practice.
In 2006 graduated from a Master of Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia. Her sculptural process is exhibited since 2000 in solo and group exhibitions in Bogotá, Colombia; Quito, Ecuador; New York and Miami, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Río de Janeiro, Brazil; and Brussels, Belgium.
Her beginning in art with meticulous work carried on bronze sculpture. Her plastic work expands to other media such as photography, video and installation, specifying its line increasingly conceptual “architecture of desire.”

Art Statement:
For almost a decade Adriana Marmorek’s work has been dedicated to exploring what she calls the “architecture of desire.” Taking off in sculpture but never uniting definitely with any medium and always maintaining strong roots with the object, Marmorek investigated the paraphernalia that accompanies desire in the visual culture of masses, the presence of certain cultural topics that condition the experience of desire and she pushed her spectator to the limit of comfort by placing him/her in a situation of a completely intimate nature in the middle of the exhibition space.

Nonetheless her explorations until that moment had been concentrated in pure desire, without attaching it to other experiences that so often accompany it, as is the case of love. Now there is the preoccupation about love in her work, and in this case Marmorek tries to discover a certain mechanism of love.

2011 “Punto Básico:Doble Nudo”, LA Galería, Bogotá, Colombia
2009 “E Tocador”, LA Galería, Bogotá, Colombia 2008 “Habitación Propia”, In-situ, Bogotá, Colombia
2008 “Construcción Sensible”, Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Sede Salitre, Bogotá-Colombia
2007 “A través del Espejo”, LA Galería, Bogotá, Colombia 2003 “Deep Inside” , Greeley Square Gallery – New York- USA
2003 “Íntimamente” , Galería Compás- Bogotá- Colombia 2002 “Entregas” , Galería MS – Quito – Ecuador
2010 “Premio Bienal de Artes de Bogotá”, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño; Bogotá-Colombia
2009 “Fotográfica 09″ Bienal de Fotografía, Fundación G Alzate A
2009 MAMBO, Museo de Bogotá, Museo Casa Sámano, Archivo Bogotá
2009 Museo de Artes Visuales, Fenálco, Bogotá Colombia
2008 “Y el amor, ¿Cómo va?”, Planetario Distrital – Bogotá – Colombia
2011 “Máquina Deseante” Galería Doscasas, Bogotá- Colombia
2010 “Hubiera Podido haber sido” LA Galería, Bogotá, Colombia
2010 “Video Exposición: Del Bicentenario” Mambo; Bogotá-Colombia
2010 “Máquinas Deseantes” Burstyn-Marmorek; Centro de Cooperación de la Embajada de España; Cartagena-Colombia
2009 “Casas de Citas” Museo de Antioquia, Medellín-Colombia 2008 “2 èmes recontres D’ete” Art 22 Espece, Bruselas, Bélgica 2007 “Cocktail” Galería Dabba-Torrejón, Buenos Aires-Argentina
2007 “Salón de Arte Joven- Artecámara” Feria ArtBo Bogotá-Colombia
2006 “The Unspoken”, Remy Toledo Gallery, New York- USA