Harlem has been the place and is still the place.

Those who do not know Harlem by heart will see it become a place but in actuality Harlem has been the place and is still the place and is one of the reasons why one of the many goals of our space is being integrated with the community. It has never been our mission to be a one crowd space but it is to be an opened door ambiance where many cultures exchange and weave themselves in order to be tighter and stronger.

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As public arts festival 5×5 kicks off its second outing in DC, a New York antecedent of sorts has been announced uptown: “Hyperplace Harlem,” founded by artists Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus (AKA, LoVid) will take place on October 4 through 6. The concept for the festival was inspired by LoVid’s prior work, “iParade,” a series of apps that interact with specific locations.

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An arts festival emerges this weekend in Hamilton Heights that considers neighborhood and technology from a new angle. Hyperplace Harlem is a three-day affair with multi-site art activities featuring over 40 contributors exhibiting artworks, speaking on panels, and leading workshops.

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Sense of Place

On October 5th the TP Gallery will be opening the “sense of place” exhibit at 5pm and it will be part of the Strivers’ Row home tour which runs from 11am to 5pm. They will start in the gallery and will finish on a pop-up gallery extension space at the end of our block.


Have you seen the work of artist Sonia Louise Davis?
Sonia Louise Davis is a local Harlem artist and she will engage us through an artist talk as part of ‘Sense of Place’
For more info on the work of Sonia Louise please visit her website:
Photograph of Sonia Louise Davis

Sense of Place

Featuring Anthony Locane, Carla Perez-Gallardo, Sonia Louise Davis, Dominique Woher our next exhibition is making its way! We are excited to announce our collaboration for Hyperplace Harlem resulting in the birth of ‘Sense of Place’ curated by Tatiana Pagés
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